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Course policies

Table of contents

  1. Evaluation and format
  2. Late policy and accommodations

Evaluation and format

The class will be primarily lecture based, with 3 different evaluations:

  1. Paper review and discussion (50%): There will be student-driven discussion and critique sessions in which we go over and discuss selected papers in each area. For each paper, two students will be assigned to write a review describing the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of the paper, and they will present their critique during the discussion. In addition, a few students will be assigned as question-askers whose job is to ask questions to encourage discussion and help elucidate the paper to you and your classmates.

  2. Project (50%): To ensure that students can make use of the materials in this course, students will be asked to produce a focused research project in any of the areas covered. The project should involve at least one method or a setting covered in the course (e.g., unsupervised domain adaptation). Students with pre-existing interests in distribution shifts are free to apply these methods to the domain of their choice. We will also provide examples of distribution shifts students can experiment with.

Late policy and accommodations

We will allow for 3 late days that can be used as needed for paper reviews, questions and the project. IMPORTANT: summaries cannot be submitted after the lecture, and the course project cannot be turned in after the last day of class (to allow for prompt grading).

Late assignments beyond the 3 late days will not be accepted without prior instructor approval and late writeups will receive 20% penalty. If a student is unable to complete an assignment or a presentation due to an unavoidable, extenuating circumstance, please contact the course staff at least 24 hours in advance. We will determine suitable grade adjustments and accommodations.

If you have OAE accommodations, please contact us at the beginning of the course if anything conflict with your accommodations.